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Whiting Field NAS - Milton, FL

NAS Whiting Field was opened in July, 1943, to fulfill the pilot training demands of World War II. Although Whiting Field is just over 50 years old, the facilities have been upgraded and renovated to create a new infrastructure that is less than 17 years old. Throughout its existence, NAS Whiting Field's primary purpose has been to support pilot training. A wealth of attributes contribute to its status as a premier field: 
Main phone numbers:  Commercial  (850)623-7011 or DSN 868-7011
Mailing address:  NAS Whiting Field, 7511 USS Enterprise St., Milton, FL 32570-6013
Population:   2,680 active duty; 2,700 family members; 1,161 civilians 
Housing:  329 family housing units located seven miles from station; wait up to one year; 118 unaccompanied officer spaces; 162 unaccompanied officer spaces; 162 unaccompanied enlisted spaces (850)623-9726
Temporary lodging:   153 visitor units (850)623-0354
Family Support Center:   (850)623-7177
Schools:  None on base.  
Child Care:   One center; approved home care (850)623-7472
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments (850)505-7171; benefits/Tricare (850)623-7657
Whiting Field NAS - Milton, FL has a medium size commissary - (850)623-7131, a large exchange (850)623-0118.  Recreation at Whiting Field NAS - Milton, FL includes arts and crafts, bowling, library, auto hobby, recreation center, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, and outdoor activities.  

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