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USCG Headquarters

The Headquarters Building, located in Washington DC, is the administrative and operational command and control center for the United States Coast Guard. The senior officer at Headquarters and of the Coast Guard, is the Commandant. 

The Commandant directs the policy and administration of the Coast Guard under the general supervision of the Secretary of the Department of Transportation (SECDOT). The Commandant prescribes brouad policies for the government of the service and generally direct supervise and coordinate service endeavor and performance. The Commandant guids the legislative programs of the service and require compliance with the statutory obligations and requirements imposed upon it. 

The Coast Guard's only full, four-star Admiral, the Commandant serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary regarding service matters. The Commandant establishes and maintain's effective liaison and relations with other agencies of the Federal government and with the public in general. The Commandant serves on interdepartmental or international bodies concerned with other matters in which the Department and Coast Guard have a substantial interest. The Commandant is also to keep informed of the approved policies and prgrams of the Secretary at all times in order to insure Departmental uniformity of decision and continuity of action. 

The Commandant provides immediate direction to Headquarters Units, though he not actually the Commanding Officer of Headquarters, that responsibility falls to the Chief of Staff. 
Main phone numbers:  (202)267-2320
Mailing address:  2100 2nd St.  SW Wasington, DC 20593-0001
Population:   1,500 active duty; 1,200 civilians
Housing:  44 units at Fort Belvoir, VA for enlisted families who qualify for four bedrooms (202)267-0208
Temporary lodging:   See Bolling AFB, DC and Fort Belvoir, VA 
Family Support Center:   (202)366-0892
Schools:  None on base.  
Child Care:   Center for 56 (202)267-6118
Health care:   Dispensary.  Appointments/benfits/Tricare (202)266-0892
Coast Guard Headquarters - Washington, D.C. has a small exchange and a mini mall (202)267-2374.  Recreation at Coast Guard Headquarters - Washington, D.C. includes a gym and swimming.  

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