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San Diego MC Recruit Depot

Located two miles south of San Diego and 12 miles north of the Mexican border, San Diego MC Recruit Depot is home to the Western Recruit Region, Recruit Training Regiment, Headquarters and Service Battalion, and Headquarters, 12th Marine Corps District. 
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (619)524-8762 or DSN 524-8762
Mailing address:  MCRD, Western Region Recruiting, San Diego, CA 92140-5023
Population:   3,118 active duty; 2,850 family members; 489 civilians 
Housing:  Three basic officer quarters; 626 basic enlisted quarters; wait two years or longer (619)524-4401/6451.  family housing is available through San Diego Military Family Housing, waits can be longer than three years 9619)556-8443.  
Temporary lodging:   Two Navy Lodges in area (800)628-9466, Marine Corps Lodge (858)271-7111
Family Support Center:   (619)524-5728
Schools:  None on base.  
Child Care:   Two centers for 74, six-month wait (619)524-4430/1244
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments (619)524-1565; benefits and Tricare (619)524-0844
San Diego MC Recruit Depot has a large exchange and a mall (619)297-2500 or (619)524-0844.  Recreation at San Diego MC Recruit Depot includes bowling, library, auto hobby, recreation center, theater, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, and fishing.  

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