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Naval Medical Center - Portsmouth, VA

The Naval Hospital in Portsmouth was the first in the Navy medical system. Under its roof, sick and wounded from all wars the United States has been involved with have received care. It was therefore fitting that in 1966, the original hospital building was registered as a Virginia Historical Landmark. 

Through any period of time, this hospital and its legion of medical personnel have been at the forefront of where the action is. Thus, the motto "First and Finest" is certainly appropriate and well deserved. 
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (757)953-5000 or DSN 377-5000 
Mailing address:  620 John Paul Jones Circle, Portsmouth, VA 23708-2197
Population:   About 4,300 active duty and civilians
Housing:  See Little Creek NAB 
Temporary lodging:   See LIttle Creek NAB 
Family Support Center:   See Norfolk NB 
Schools:  None. 
Child Care:   None.  
Health care:   500 beds.  Appointments/Tricare (800)931-9501; benefits (757)953-2610
Naval Medical Center - Portsmouth, VA has a small exchange and a mini mall (757)397-5857.  Recreation at Naval Medical Center - Portsmouth, VA includes gym and outdoor activities.  

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