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Naval Support Activity Mid-South - Millington, TN

Naval Support Activity Mid-South has a long and rich history, one which can be traced to the birth of military aviation itself and to our country's proudest moments. 

This site was originally established in November 1917 as Park Field, an Army Signal Corps Aviation School used to train pilots for service with the Allied Forces during World War I. By February 1918, flight operations were in full swing, but only until November of that year when the Armistice was signed. Two days after the signing, training operations were ceased.

At that time the airfield began pioneering airmail routes throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states. In March 1920, the government officially purchased Park Field. However, the airfield continued to decline until it was little more than a storage area for aircraft and parts. 

Ironically, the Stock Market "Crash" of 1929 breathed new life into Park Field. During the 1930s the field served as a transient camp for unemployed workers. In 1937 the Resettlement Administration took over the land and developed model farms used to demonstrate what could be achieved with correctly managed land. Park Field remained under this agency's jurisdiction until the outbreak of World War II.

Just as the onset of World War I had given Park Field its birth in 1917, the declaration of war on December 8, 1941, had similar results, heralding the arrival of naval aviation to the Memphis area. In February of 1942, the Navy Shore Station Development Board recommended approval of a reserve aviation base on the former site of Park Field. On September 15, 1942, the Naval Reserve Aviation Base was officially commissioned on the south side of the station.

On January 1, 1943, the Naval Reserve Aviation Base was renamed Naval Air Station Memphis. However, in April 1949, the base's functions completely changed, and a new Naval Air Station was established, different in both scope and function.

The new NAS assumed logistic support for all the commands at Navy Memphis, except the Naval Hospital. The boundaries included all Navy property on both sides of the Millington-Arlington Road (Navy Road). NAS Memphis continued its support and logistics role for some 50 years. 

The 1993 Base Realignment and Closure Commission directed the realignment of Naval Air Station Memphis. NAS Memphis was redesignated Naval Support Activity Memphis September 30, 1995. The name was changed to Naval Support Activity Mid-South October 1, 1998, to more closely identify the base's mission requirements and to reflect the Navy's approach to regionalization.
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (901)874-5111 or DSN 882-5111
Mailing address:  Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington, TN 38054
Population:   1,551 active duty; 5,800 family members; 1,794 reservists; 1,880 civilians
Housing:  16 officer family units; 155 enlisted family units; 346 unaccompanied personnel units (901)874-5547
Temporary lodging:   258-unit inn (901)872-0121; 49 temporary lodging units (901)873-2901; campground with RV and tent spaces (901)872-3660
Family Support Center:   (901)874-5075
Schools:  None on base.  
Child Care:   Center for 112, six-month wait; eight approved homes (901)874-5745
Health care:  Clinic.  Appointments (800)700-8607; benefits (901)874-6111; Tricare (901)873-0006 or (800)333-5331 
Naval Support Activity Mid-South - Millington, TN has a large size commissary - (91)874-5122, a large exchange, a mall, and a mini mall (901)872-0139.  Recreation at Naval Support Activity Mid-South - Millington, TN includes arts and crafts, auto hobby, recreation center, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, and stables.  

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