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New Orleans Naval Support Activity

For more than 125 years the Navy has called the west bank of the Mississippi River in New Orleans home. In February 1849 the acres on which the Naval Support Activity now stands were purchased for an intended Navy yard. The Navy yard was not built, however, and the land was leased for farming. In May of that year additional ground was purchased by the Navy to enlarge the original site.

In November 1901 the Naval Dry Dock (YFD#2) arrived and the U.S. Navy Station was formally established. In 1902 the Commandant, Eighth Naval District received almost $4 million for new buildings and improvements to the station. Additional property was obtained giving the Navy almost 3/4 of a mile of valuable river frontage.

The original buildings, some of which still stand, were completed on the site in 1903. Also located on the grounds is a plantation home, built in 1840. Today that home is known simply as Quarters "A" and is occupied by the area's senior Naval flag officer. Quarters "A", an Antebellum Creole style country home, was placed on the National Register in 1993. Quarters "A" sits on what was once Bienville's personal concession.

The Naval Station remained open until September 1911. Following four years of inactivity, it was reopened in 1915 as an industrial Navy yard for repair of vessels. The station continued in full operation until June 1939 when it was placed in a maintenance status. In December 1939 the station was reactivated and eventually became a base to handle transient naval personnel.

In September 1944 the station was designated the U.S. Naval Repair Base. However, just three years later it was redesignated as the U.S. Naval Station, a name it held until January 1962 when it became the Headquarters, Support Activity, New Orleans. This latter name came about to reflect the fact that the Headquarters, Eighth Naval District was aboard the station as a regular tenant.

Located on the east bank of the Mississippi River are the three largest buildings of the Naval Support Activity. The three giant buildings that tower six floors above the river each contain over one-half million square feet of floor space and house a major part of NAVSUPPACT tenants.

The 30 acres of land and the three buildings have a history that began in June of 1919 when the buildings were constructed for the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps for use as a general depot during World War I.

These buildings were partially used by the QM Corps after completion until February 1931 when Buildings 601 and 602 were leased to the Board of Commissioners, Port of New Orleans.

With the advent of World War II the lease was cancelled and the installation reverted to complete use by the military. After the QM Corps gave up the buildings the official title became the New Orleans Port of Embarkation. In 1955 the tract of land was known as the New Orleans Army Terminal. In 1965 the name was changed to the New Orleans Army Base.

There was an expanding naval presence in the lower Mississippi Delta in the middle 60's. In June 1966 the New Orleans Army Base was transferred to the Navy. July 1966 saw the disestablishment of the Headquarters, Support Activity and the establishment of the Naval Support Activity to reflect the changing mission of the station. With this change in mission and designation both sides of the river began serving as the Naval Support Activity for the first time.
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (504)678-2104 or DSN 678-2104
Mailing address:  Naval support Activity, 2300 Gen. Meyer Ave., New Orleans, LA 70142-5007
Population:   About 350 active duty and civilians 
Housing:  52 officer family units; 200 enlisted family units; 16 unaccompanied officer units; 220 unaccompanied enlisted units; waits are up to one year(504)678-2224
Temporary lodging:   50 visitor and temporary lodging units (504)366-3266
Family Support Center:   (504)678-2647
Schools:  None on base.  
Child Care:   Two centers (504)678-2460
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments (504)678-1590; benefits/Tricare (504)678-4200, ext. 3039
New Orleans Naval Support Activity has a medium size commissary - (504)678-2182, a medium exchange, and a mini mall (504)678-2770.  Recreation at New Orleans Naval Support Activity includes arts and crafts, bowling, library, auto hobby, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, and camping.  

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