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McChord Air Force Base - Tacoma, WA

Recent history has seen the demise of many Air Force installations worldwide, as part of the effort to reduce defense spending. McChord, however, goes on. Its association with the 62d Airlift Wing, and its proximity to Alaska and the rest of the Pacific theater, make it a vital part of our nation's defense. Its importance is highlighted and evidenced by its selection as one of two Air Mobility Command installations where the Air Force's newest airlifter, the C-17 Globemaster III, is based. The 62d's aging fleet of C-141's began to make its way to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona in 1999, when the 62d began conversion to the C-17 Globemaster III began. 

"Out where the blue Pacific finds haven in sun-splashed inland waterways, among the greenclad islands and along the varied shorelines adjacent to Tacoma, men and machinery have built a haven for the thunderbirds of the air that daily sing the song of a progressive community across the skies of many states in staccato notes of winged business and travel. With splendid facilities second to none in the country, Pierce County's new 1,000-acre airport has a complete landing circle of 3,000 feet in diameter that will permit landing and taking off in every direction of the compass with a 5,400-foot north and south runway in addition. The giant hangar recently completed has 27,600 square feet of storage space and contains every convenience and modern advantage to flying. A complete border and beacon lighting system make the local field an integral link in the second longest night run in the country. The field represents one of the finest landing areas in the country and its $370,000 cost was most reasonable. The airport offers a splendid potential site for manufacturing, airplane repair, and distribution." 
Main phone numbers:  Commercial (253)982-1910 or DSN 382-1910
Mailing address:  McChord AFB, WA 98438
Population:   3,624 active duty; 2,618 reservists; 4,705 family members; 1,343 civilians
Housing:  93 officer family units; 813 enlisted family units; about 700 dormitory spaces for unaccompanied personnel (253)982-5514
Temporary lodging:   360-room inn (253)982-3581; campground (253)982-5488
Family Support Center:   (253)982-2695
Schools:  Two elementary schools on base run by Clover Park School District
Child Care:   Two centers for 300; 19 approved homes (253)982-2958
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments (800)404-4506; benefits/Tricare (800)404-2042
McChord Air Force Base - Tacoma, WA has a large size commissary - (253)982-3285, a large exchange, a mall, and one shoppette (253)582-9450.  Recreation at McChord Air Force Base - Tacoma, WA includes arts and crafts, bowling, library, auto hobby, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, camping.  

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