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Hanscom Air Force Base - Bedford, MA

Hanscom Air Force Base/Hanscom Field site covers approximately 1,120 acres in a light industrial area of eastern Massachusetts. The site occupies land in the Towns of Bedford, Concord, Lexington, and Lincoln. The Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant and Raytheon research facility are located due north of Hanscom Air Force Base/Hanscom Field. In 1942, the military began using a public airfield at the site that had been built the previous year. In 1952, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts transferred 396 acres and leased 641 acres of the land to the Air Force. The Commonwealth retained the remaining 83 acres for its own use. Military flight operations ceased in 1973 and in August 1974, the airfield reverted to state control and was renamed L.G. Hanscom Field. It is currently operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority (MASSPORT) as a civilian airport. The primary mission of Hanscom AFB, on the 396 acres owned by the Air Force, is to support the Electronic Systems Center of the Air Force Material Command.
Main phone numbers:  (781)377-4441 or DSN 478-5980
Mailing address:  Hanscom AFB, MA 01731
Population:   2,036 active duty; 3,279 family members; 2,380 civilians 
Housing:  278 officer family units; 496 enlisted family units; 237 unaccompanied personnel spaces; six- to 23-month wait; 98 mobile home lots (781)377-4590
Temporary lodging:   135 visitor and temporary lodging units (781)377-2112; campground (781)377-4670
Family Support Center:   (781)377-4222
Schools:  Elementary and middle school on base run by Lincoln Public School District 
Child Care:   Center for 296, six-month wait; 30 approved homes (781)377-7166
Health care:   Clinic.  Appointments (888)999-5195; benefits/Tricare (781)377-4715
Hanscom Air Force Base - Bedford, MA has a medium size commissary - (781)377-2544, a small exchange, a mall, and one shoppette (781)862-0580.  Recreation at Hanscom Air Force Base - Bedford, MA includes bowling, library, auto hobby, recreation center, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities, and camping.  

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